Hefei Travel Guide

Hefei Travel Guide

Lying between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, Hefei is the capital city of Anhui Province and is ranked as one of the fifty strongest cities in China. Close to the coastal area, Hefei plays an important part in connecting the eastern and western areas of China while also linking the south and the north. Covering an area of 7,266 square kilometers (about 2,805 square miles), Hefei is known as the central tourist city of the whole province.

The ancient Hefei City, with a long history of over 2,000 years, was also nicknamed ‘Luzhou’ or ‘Luyang’ because it was under the governance of Luzhou prefecture in the Ming (1368 – 1644) and Qing (1644 – 1911) dynasties. Hefei is the political, economic and cultural center of Anhui Province and has played an important role in commercial transactions since ancient times. Due to its good surroundings and long history, many natural and cultural places of interests can be found in Hefei. The most famous one is undoubtedly the Memorial Temple of Lord Bao.

Hefei is a beautiful city with good surroundings – the Huaihe River flows to its north, to its south is Yangtze River, and to its south- east lies the Chaohu Lake with its expansive blue waters. It exemplifies the good climate to be found in the area having a mild climate with clearly defined seasons and moderate rainfall. The average annual temperature is 15.7C (60.26F). As is known, every city in China has a city tree and a city flower and, in the case of Hefei, the Yulan tree is its city tree and the sweet-scented osmanthus, pomegranate flower is its city flower.

To better understanding the ingrained culture of Hefei, you have to watch the performances of the Lu Opera. Lu Opera is a popular local opera which originated in Hefei. It became an independent style of opera in the era of Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty and evolved from many artistic forms such as folk songs and folk dances. The arias are rich and various, and the performance is vivid. ‘Natural and simple’ is what makes Lu Opera a popular drama appreciated by all. It is really a highlight you should never miss when visiting Hefei.

If you are one of those people who regard food as their prime requirement, you should try the local delicious food and special cuisine which is on offer, whenever you pay a visit. Luzhou Roast Duck is the first recommended delicacy in Hefei and it tastes very good. Other special, high quality products will also satisfy your appetite such as Mabing (sesame cake), Honggao (baked cake), Cunjin (sesame cookie) and Baiqie (white sesame slices). Also, dumpling-making in Hefei is a delicate and intricate process and, there are various shapes of dumplings that will excite and satisfy your appetite.

Hefei is located in the centre part of East China, and its transportation system is well-developed. With the whole city’s transportation system linked by airport, railway and highway, a solid transportation network is at your service. Due to its fast development in recent years, transportation within and around Hefei is very convenient, especially for tourists.

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Haikou Travel Guide

Haikou Travel Guide

Haikou, known also as the ‘Coconut City’, is the capital of Hainan Province, China’s second largest island. The city is the provincial administrative center of Hainan as well being the focus of the local economy, culture and transportation. Haikou stands at the northern end of Hainan Island, on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary. This river is the longest on the island and the city’s name appropriately means ‘Mouth of the Sea’.

With the sea on three sides Haikou enjoys a long coastline that features excellent bathing beaches and sea side resorts. Holiday Beach is the most popular of these, while Xixiu Beach is where the National sailing and windsurfing teams train and hold competitions.

The downtown area of the city has an excellent environment with streets lined with coconut palms. Here there are modern and convenient public transport facilities and all that is best in a tropical seaside city that is pollution free and that meets the needs of the tourist in a friendly and welcoming way.
Besides its natural resources, Haikou has a number of important sites of historical interest. The Wugong Temple (The Five Official’s Temple), the Tomb of Hai Rui and the Xiuying Emplacement each serve as reminders of the historical importance of Haikou.

No trip is complete without the opportunity to savor tempting local food and shopping opportunities. It goes without saying that for anyone coming to Haikou, seafood is definitely a must. However, the city is also famous for its other prized dishes. There are four to delight the gourmet and should not be missed. They are Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Mutton, Jiaji Duck and Hele Crab. The climate means there is an abundance of fresh local fruits such as mangos, pineapples, jackfruits, coconuts and carambola, betelnuts, pawpaw, longan and lichee, loquat, naseberry and passion fruit. Maybe some of these will be new to you but we are sure that if you try them you will want to take come home!

As for transportation, don’t worry! Hainan Meilan Airport, railway station, ship and expressway links cities of China and the whole world.

Haikou has evolved from a simple sightseeing city to an attractive seaside resort and business center. The services for visitors to the city are being extended with the aim of establishing Haikou as Southern China’s key center for tourism.

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Guiyang Travel Guide

Guiyang Travel Guide

Guiyang City, capital of Guizhou Province is located in the southwest of China, regarding eastern region of the Yungui Plateau. It is said that in ancient times, Guiyang was surrounded by heavy bamboo groves and was famous for making a musical instrument known as a Zhu. Ergo the city is famous in addition as Zhu.

Guiyang is regarded as China’s Spring Cities like Kunming. The climate is oftentimes moderate and moist, neither extremely hot nor cold. Spring, summer time and autumn are the best seasons for seeing Guiyang.

A lot of attractive places can be discovered right here, the Hongfeng Lake (Red Maple Lake), Huaxi Park and an abundance of historic relics of this Ming dynasty and Qing dynasties, for instance the Jiaxiu Tower, Wenchang Pavilion, Yangming Cave in addition to Qingyan Ancient Town. A few of these scenic places have actually their particular interesting stories.

Guiyang houses a lot more than 30 minority cultural groups including Miao, Buyi, Dong and Hui, etc. Consequently the city abounds with unique people tradition and customs that give rise to numerous colorful ethnic minority activities.

Minority celebrations and souvenirs are well-liked by tourists. Items like festival costumes, masks and embroideries can be bought the shopping street, Beijing Lu, Zhonghua Lu and Yan’an Lu. Neighborhood products such as the Maotai Wine (Moutai) are accessible within the huge supermarkets.

The local food is spicy but in the event you prefer western food or that other parts of Asia you’ll find the star-rated motels and quality restaurants will suit your needs.

Living pace of Guiyang individuals is rather casual compared to that other urban centers. Guiyang people have a habit of getting to sleep late and getting up late. It is therefore typical to see residents strolling, talking, and playing the chess on the street. You will find that life listed here is altogether really simple going!

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Active Travel

Active Travel

There seems to be a whole vocabulary for those who sell travel. Active travel, adventure travel, leisure travel, eco-tourism. Do you really need to know what it all means? Not really. In the grand scheme of things you define your own travel style, and it may change from day to day.

You may go to an island and choose to sit on the beach one day, and go scuba diving the next. You may spend a day in the spa that resort has down in a palm grove and go bike riding the next. You’re active one day and quiet as a slug the next.

But if you are signing up for a tour, you should find out what that particular tour operator means when they say active travel. In general, an active tour will focus more on travel and transportation that requires physical activity… walking or cycling as opposed to riding along in a van or bus.

Most tours that fall into this category have a lot of outdoor activities.

OK, you say, but you can do a lot of walking if you’re sightseeing in a big city. You’re right, even museum tours or garden tours can give you a workout, but active travel sort of indicates that you will be outdoors and biking or hiking or rafting or even horseback riding.

Some companies spell it out for you pretty well… they’ll tell you the activity level that will be required for the whole tour…

Will there be a lot of hiking or walking? For how many hours or how many miles or kilometers. Will there be lots of stairs or hills to climb? They may even have a “scoring” system all the way from easy to difficult… of course, you need to know what their definition of easy is!

A trekking company, for instance, might say Level One, or Easy is 3-5 hours of walking up to six miles a day with low altitude…. While Level Four or Strenuous is 5-8 hours of hiking in mountainous terrain at higher elevations.

Will you be staying in hotels? Or mountain huts where you share a bunkhouse arrangement with other travelers? Or will you be camping…. sleeping in tents? Your tour operator should give you an idea of the type of accommodations you can expect from rugged or spartan to luxury. You could be going on an African safari in the middle of the Kalahari, but if you stayed in a tent at Jack’s Camp, you would definitely find yourself reveling in the luxury category… and still be active in your travels.

You may even find that you relieve more “workaday” anxieties and frustrations with active vacations than you would just sitting on the beach, eating and drinking the night away. Activity is good for you, and sometimes it leaves you just a little tired and more relaxed at the end of the day.

Brochures may use the terms active or adventure travel interchangeably. We think of adventure travel as a little more of a reach…. something that is more apt to get you a little out of your comfort zone. Active travel doesn’t necessarily do that…. but it may make you break a sweat.

And what’s wrong with that?

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Astral Travel Method

Astral Travel Method

Are you looking for the easy and easy but the majority effective Astral Travel Method? Unwind, there is no sort of prerequisite which will make tough the process of learning that tips travel astrally. To understand just how to travel astrally you may need less attempts and a lot of less reasoning. Although it could be struggling available, you can find chances for the brain of having in how of exceptional magnificent earnings of covering a personal experience which will be an out associated with the human body.

The simple astral vacation way of beginners is just line technique. When you begin your astral vacation program, notify your self by hand that you’re today in ways, where you are likely to project you human body today. Discover a superb comfortable, noiseless room in which you can find not any chances of disruption while attempting to begin astral travel method.

At the time when you’re completely comfortable, imagine as the body is sleeping. You could experience numerous feelings that can appear odd and terrifying at initial. You have to do your best work not to ever concentrate on them or else you might-be destroyed by your astral travel try. Couple of variety of these feelings contains very strong vibrations you could feel them in most the parts of your body. This is actually the signal that your particular astral human body is currently willing to projection.

Within technique you don’t have to do numerous efforts for the experience of out-of human body occurrence. Within technique you need to select time when you’re truly stress no-cost, comfortable. Select place where in fact the sound pollution ‘s almost zero, method for this knowledge you want the calm place. If you are totally ready for this knowledge, you certainly will sense different emotions being strange and terrifying. Usually do not consider them anyway. Do not go the body. Imagine your self while climbing on a rope. Simply focus on the preceding activity. Now, during this period you might be ready to feel or experience the away from human body incident in astral vacation.

Do not go your actual human anatomy regardless; just allow the human brain to spotlight activity climbing the line up. Today, during this period, you are excessively close to ensure you get your first out of human body event in astral travel!

Discover a straightforward way to feel the from human anatomy occurrence this is certainly Astral Travel.

Astral Projection

John Petersons happens to be contributing to leading publications the previous decade. He’s additionally an accredited researcher on the subject for leading research institutes in the US.

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